ALC and ELC on Security Cameras with DC Auto-Iris Lens

Our Panasonic-sensor EA-Series auto-iris varifocal-lens HD-SDI and HD-TVI IR bullet cameras now offer ALC. These HD-SDI cameras also offer True WDR and a superior image quality, with infrared distances of up to 300 feet using new matrix IR technology.

ALC (Auto Light Control)

Automatic Light Control (ALC) indicates the image sensor’s ability to automatically adjust in diverse lighting conditions to yield the most vivid video image possible. It allows the auto-iris circuitry to either take bright spots more into consideration (peak), bringing out detail in bright areas, or less into consideration (average) bringing out detail in shadows.

For automatic brightness control in the ALC function, an auto iris lens with a voltage controlled aperture (DC) is necessary.

ALC: Auto Light Control

ELC (Electronic Light Control)

ELC compensates for moderate light changes in indoor applications without the use of expensive auto iris lenses.

A fixed-iris lens or manual-iris lens can be used. ELC allows the changing of shutter speeds up to 1/100,000 second. This allows for sharper images, even in limited lighting conditions.


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