ZKTeco controls everything - from R&D, manufacturing, product design, terminal assembly and logistics/shipping. ZK's huge economies of scale allow them to pass significant cost savings to installers and end-users. They are flexible, reputable, easy to work with and have offices all around the globe ready to serve you, including the ability to send a rep to most locations to do an on-site demo of their hardware and software. The ZKTeco product suite is diverse, unrivaled, and comes at an unprecedentedly low price point to meet every budget and project. ZK's offerings encompass integrated access control panels and readers, License Plate Recognition (LPR) Gate Controllers, turnstiles, metal detectors and consumer products including fingerprint-based battery operated biometric door ...[Read More...]

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  1. US-INBIO-460-WBUN
  2. ZKAccess KR501E 26-bit Weigand-Only Reader
  3. ZKAcces US-C3-100-PRO BUN
  4. KR500BR
  5. G3Plus-M
  6. ZKAccess FR1500-iClass Slave Fingerprint Reader with built in Prox Reader
  7. ZKAccess KR503M 34-bit Weigand-Only Reader
  8. US-inBio-260-PRO
  9. ProCapture-X-HID
  10. ZKTeco US-C3-400 4-Door 1-Way Access Control Panel Board: 4 Reader Ports, 12x I, 8x O
  11. ZKAccess F18-Mifare Standalone Multi Biometric Card Reader Controller
  12.  ZKAccess KR503H 26-bit Weigand-Only Reader

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