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Milestone XProtect Express NVR Server: 4U Rack Mount, Quad-Core i7, 4TB Storage, Dual-NIC, 48 cameras max, Plug-and-Play, 3yr

As camera systems continue to get more advanced, many VMS (video management software) solutions are struggling to keep up with IP camera compatibility. Enter Milestone Systems, whose growing compatibility list exceeds nearly every VMS on the market. Capable of integration with existing analog and HD-SDI cameras using IP video encoders, and offering a variety of features for the discerning and uncompromising security administrator, a Milestone Systems NVR can help future-proof today's video surveillance system. 

Recenty acquired by Canon, Milestone Systems is the VMS of the future. Partnered with eDigitalDeals, an experienced video surveillance designer and integrator serving thousands of clients worldwide, including homeowners, HOAs, restaurants, health/medical, educational, manufacturing/industrial, public safety, local/state/federal governments, and more. References are available upon request.

Interested in a private demonstration? Contact us to schedule a live webinar for you and your organization so that you can see how a Milestone Systems NVR, custom-built by eDigitalDeals, can help streamline your business operations.

Three-year warranty from eDigitalDeals. Free lifetime technical support. Completely plug-and-play to save you countless hours of software and IP camera configuration. Please allow 3-5 business days for building, testing, and pre-configuring IP cameras and encoders.

Ships within 1 business day.


Milestone XProtect Mobile

See a Live Demo with your iOS or Android Mobile Device

Recommended: watch a previously recorded Milestone XProtect VMS presentation

Watch a previously recorded Access Control presentation

Watch a previously recorded License Plate Recognition presentation


Included Hardware:

  • Customizable Milestone XProtect Express NVR Server: 
    • Rack Mount 4U
    • Intel Quad-Core i7 4790 CPU
    • Intel 120GB SSD OS. For a redundant OS, please contact us for a custom design. 
    • Kingston 8GB RAM
    • Dual-Gigabit Ethernet NIC
    • Surveillance-grade 4TB Storage in Front-loading Removable SATA hard drive bays. For more than 32 HD cameras, please contact us so that we can design the system with Enterprise-Grade drives.
    • 650w 80-PLUS Energy-Effcient Power Supply
    • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
    • Milestone XProtect Express pre-installed and pre-configured. System will arrive plug-and-play. We will pre-program users/passwords, IP cameras (time settings, resolution/fps, camera names), remote access, dual-stream options, and nearly everything else needed for the system to start recording without any configuration from you. Anything we cannot do at our office (storage configuration, network configuration) will be done remotely with your permission to remotely login to the machine. The only thing you should be prepared to setup is motion detection areas on the cameras.
Milestone and eDigitalDeals recommends that cameras not be viewed from the server, as this will increase the load on the CPU. Rather the server should only be used for camera management and recording. If cameras are to be viewed from the server, please create views to show a maximum of 16-32 cameras with dual-stream enabled. 

XProtect® Express Software:

Basic to small surveillance solution

XProtect Express is video surveillance software optimized for retail and small businesses that need to integrate applications, such as video analytics or transaction data analysis.

Cost-effective IP video management software

With support for up to 48 cameras, XProtect Express is easy and affordable video management software (VMS) for small, single-location companies requiring simplified methods of incorporating video capabilities into their existing business operations. Businesses can integrate third-party applications, such as analytics and access control systems, directly into XProtect Express creating a solution with increased functionality and one common interface.  With efficient video search tools and multiple export options, users can quickly gather evidence when necessary. Three viewing interfaces provide seamless access to live and recorded video for users of all skill levels.

What’s new in XProtect Express 2014

  • Simple map for a complete overview
  • Common installer simplifying the deployment process
  • Easy upgrade procedure with improved licensing flow
  • Update notification of new software releases and device packs

Read more in the XProtect Professional VMS Products 2014 What’s New Brief.

  • Automatic motion detection sensitivity adjustment
  • Support for generic events

View XProtect Express videos


XProtect: Pre-installed. Easy setup wizards.

Milestone has reinvented the process of installing, configuring and using an IP video solution. With automatic configuration wizards and camera detection, it is easy to get up and running quickly with XProtect. 


XProtect: Easy to use

Milestone continually strives to make XProtect VMS easy to use, so we offer three flexible ways for users to view surveillance: XProtect Smart Client, Milestone Mobile and XProtect Web Client. Depending on where you are and what features you need, you can choose the mobile device or computer you prefer to use and whether you want to access XProtect VMS on-site, off-site or on-the-go. And because all of our clients are free of charge, you can use all three or any combination of the clients based on your preferences.


XProtect Express capabilities

XProtect Enterprise

 Easy to deploy and maintain
  • Automatic configuration wizards: A unique wizard sets up the system and removes time delays and challenges during initial XProtect Express deployment

  • Automatic camera discovery: Automatically detects and configures new cameras that are added to an existing system enabling users to quickly expand their installation

  • Software Upgrade Plan (SUP): One-year SUP included, which ensures users have access to future software versions of XProtect Express to take advantage of new technologies as they come to market. See benefits of SUP and XProtect version differences here

Quickly address incidents and create video evidence
  • NEW - One-layer, interactive map: Enables users to easily identify and navigate through different cameras and camera views

  • Search evidence: With simple and efficient video search tools and multiple export options, users can quickly gather and share evidence when necessary

  • Remote control: Users can quickly address issues at all times with the ability to access video and respond to incidents from various locations using computers and mobile devices

  • Share evidence: Easily share evidence exports, such as video or images via a media player, email and MMS



 Cost-effective retail solution
  • Support for XProtect® Retail: Link transaction data with corresponding video from relevant cameras and perform advanced search options and full video documentation to maintain a complete overview of store operations, cash registers/tills and employees

  • Support for XProtect® Transact: Quickly perform a text-only search and view video of specific transactions such as transactions involving gift cards, credit cards, coupons or returned merchandise

  • Flexible licensing: Users can efficiently expand their surveillance installation by purchasing XProtect Express licenses on a per-camera basis 


More Information
DVR Type
DVR Function
Tri-brid Capable: Analog CVBS, IP, HD-SDI
Milestone Systems
Number of Audio Channels
Recording Resolution
Operating System
Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit
Intel Quad-Core i7
Hard Drive
Power Supply
650-Watt Power Supply
Mobile Compatibility
iPhone/iPad, Android
Remote OS/Browser
IE, Windows, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome
IP Camera Support
Yes (See compatibility list. Compatible third-party require additional license to record on DVR.)
4U Rack Mount
Product Condition
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