2021 Commercial-Grade IP Security Camera Guide

2021 Commercial-Grade IP Security Camera Guide By Raymond Shadman Custom Video Security, President [email protected]   This post answers the most common questions on how to choose an IP security camera in 2021. For security camera brands, I prefer Dahua because (when purchased through Custom Video Security) they have a 5-year warranty, 1-year advance replacement, and direct technical support from the manufacturer. Camera style: The bullet is generally desired when viewing parallel to the wall. Some (but very few) are IK08-IK10 impact/vandal resistant. Bullets are also better for installation from poles and/or for viewing license plates. Domes have the best aesthetic look in my opinion. They generally are always vandal-resistant, unless they are indoor domes, which are usually made of plastic instead of metal. They are meant for viewing in front or not too far to the side of the wall. Unlike bullets, they cannot easily view parallel to the wall where it’s installed unless you add a wall-mount, in which case the dome would be pointing down instead of away from the building. If not using a wall-mount in an uncovered outdoor area, ensure waterproof installation using silicone, or use the right accessory to limit the chance of rain entering […]

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The Top Reasons to Buy Dahua Security Cameras, DVRs, NVRs in 2020

By Raymond Shadman, President [email protected] 310-370-9500 x1   The Top Reasons to Buy Dahua Security Cameras, DVRs, NVRs in 2020   5-year warranty (when you buy from Custom Video Security or any other 4-star authorized dealer) on cameras, recorders, decoders, accessories, and transmission products. Hard Drives 3 years. Monitors 1 year. 1-year advance replacement warranty when you buy from Custom Video Security.  Direct tech support from Dahua to low-voltage installers and to the end-user. Very wide product line including: ePoE (converts coax lines to use IP cameras at the lowest cost in the industry; or triples the distance of IP without any need for repeaters/extenders). Starlight cameras see color at nighttime with minimal ambient lighting. Video: https://youtu.be/NaFHmwXI6Zk?t=5. Identify skin color, hair color, clothing color, vehicle color, etc. So much more effective than traditional IR cameras. The levels of Dahua’s starlight are attached. I recommend Starlight+ if you may require viewing in very dark or pitch-black scenes. Or Night Color if you don’t need or don’t want infrared. Night Color cameras have no infrared, which means you can’t use them in pitch-black darkness, but they see at nighttime with minimal ambient lighting like it’s daytime. They have the highest nighttime performance […]

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