Device No Longer Works in Milestone XProtect Plus

In order to rebuild the Drivercache: 1) Stop the recording server. 2) Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Milestone\XProtect Recording Server\DriverCache\nativedrivers\. Remove the file from that directory. 3) Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Milestone\XProtect Recording Server\offline\ and remove the files as well. 4) Restart the recording server, and let it rebuild the database.   For more support, contact us at [email protected] or call us at 310-370-9500 x1.

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Cameras Showing Offline in Milestone XProtect? Try Replacing Hardware with Existing Device

By Andrew Harvey, Technical Sales Engineer 310-370-9500 x1 [email protected]   This can help if for some reason the settings of the cameras get messed up in some way either through user error or Milestone misreading data from the camera. This process will also make sure it stays attached to its video database. This is one of the first things to do after making sure the camera itself is still on the network and the video/encoding settings are correct. The process I used to refresh the camera settings was using the “Replace Hardware” option. It’s done like this: In Milestone XProtect Management Client, right-click the camera which has issues and click “Go to Hardware.”             While highlighting that camera’s hardware profiles, click “Replace Hardware.”             Click “Next” and then the screen will show the camera info including IP address, Port, User name, Password, and Hardware Driver, it will almost certainly populate it with the correct password previously used, if the password was changed you input the new one here or change any of the other info if that was changed or it’s being read incorrectly.             […]

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Milestone XProtect Errors, Descriptions, and Resolutions

Free Micro Health Check During 2022 For Milestone XProtect users who are currently running legacy software and/or hardware, Milestone is currently offering a FREE multi-point diagnostic “Micro Health Check” to help identify Milestone XProtect errors. This no-cost 1-hour service is conducted by an actual Milestone technician employed by Milestone Systems. He/she will check for ten different critical scenarios that could impact system reliability or the user experience: XProtect software version. Milestone Care status. XProtect hotfixes and patches. Video deletions due to low disk space. Video deletions due to media overflow. Antivirus presence. System CPU utilization. System RAM utilization. Failover configuration. Hardware acceleration configuration. This Micro Health Check will identify the required components to keep your Milestone XProtect camera system current. In case your server is more than five years old, we can also design a new server to run the updated software. Advantages to upgrading your software and hardware, outside of bug fixes, are the usage of H.265 compression on compatible cameras. This will save both hard drive storage space and network bandwidth. Additional benefits of keeping the XProtect software current are the updated XProtect rules system and the ability to take advantage of a newly integrated module called Rapid Review. […]

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