How to Choose a Video Surveillance System in 2017

By Raymond Shadman Custom Video Security 310-370-9500 x1   1. Define objective. What do you want to see, in what level of detail, and how far away? How many megapixels and what focal lengths are required to achieve viewing objectives? Are objects moving? If so, what size are they with respect to the field of view, and how fast are they moving? How many cameras will be on the system? (Most recorders or VMSes support a maximum number of cameras.) Will more cameras be added in the future? Are there multiple locations, and if so does the corporate headquarters want administrative control of each location? If so, would there be a network admin who would want to apply modifications to each location’s server in bulk using Federated Architecture (Milestone XProtect Expert or Corporate)? Will the system be recording on a schedule, continuously, on motion detection, or both?   2. System design. How many clients will be viewing the cameras simultaneously, and from inside or outside the network? (If a lot of clients viewing multiple cameras at a time on a Milestone Expert or Corporate system, a separate Mobile Server should be used.) Are clients PCs or Macs? Are mobile clients Android, iOS, […]

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