Cameras Showing Offline in Milestone XProtect? Try Replacing Hardware with Existing Device

By Andrew Harvey, Technical Sales Engineer (310) 370-9500 x102   This can help if for some reason the settings of the cameras get messed up in some way either through user error or Milestone misreading data from the camera. This process will also make sure it stays attached to its video database. This is one of the first things to do after making sure the camera itself is still on the network and the video/encoding settings are correct. The process I used to refresh the camera settings was using the “Replace Hardware” option. It’s done like this: In Milestone XProtect Management Client, right-click the camera which has issues and click “Go to Hardware.”             While highlighting that camera’s hardware profiles, click “Replace Hardware.”             Click “Next” and then the screen will show the camera info including IP address, Port, User name, Password, and Hardware Driver, it will almost certainly populate it with the correct password previously used, if the password was changed you input the new one here or change any of the other info if that was changed or it’s being read incorrectly.           […]

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Andrew Harvey2019-01-08

Case Study–Cannabis Grow House in Los Angeles, California

Case Study–Cannabis Grow House In 2017, a Los Angeles County-based grow house, which will go unnamed for security and privacy reasons, contacted us to design and install a security camera system. One of the partners had a copy of his local security requirements for operating the facility, and so we scheduled a free site inspection to survey the property. During the site inspection, we notated the general layout of the facility, noted potential security risks, and recommended cameras and placement that would accommodate the project’s budget while meeting or exceeding the minimum security requirements from the state of CA and City of Los Angeles. On the day of the site inspection, their security consisted of a non-security guard camped out in a trailer on a gated driveway, three dogs, consumer-grade doors and locks, and an intrusion alarm system. The various areas requiring coverage included the entrance, exits, hallways, a large laboratory-style room with expensive lab equipment, several temperature and light-controlled grow rooms, a network/security room with MDF closet where the recorder was to be installed, multiple hallways leading to each of these rooms, and rooftop coverage because of the easy access from a neighboring building. They required at least 90 days […]

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Raymond Shadman2018-11-27

UL-294 Certified Access Control Products: Why Buy Them?

Access Control products from Dahua or Hikvision may be attractive in terms of price or easy integration into same-branded camera recorders for video verification, but buyers should note that these brands do not carry UL-294 certification. UL-294 products that go through the UL (Underwriters Labs)-testing process give the end-user confidence that the equipment works properly. Manufacturers that do not run the equipment through the testing process are afraid that the equipment will not pass the test. Many city inspectors will have non UL-294 access control equipment removed when city codes are enforced. Furthermore, you can’t connect a non UL-294 access control system to a fire alarm system, which, in many buildings is required by fire code. For a low-cost option on electronic access control, please consider using the ZKTeco brand.

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Raymond Shadman2018-10-24

Deduct $1 MILLION in Business Expenses in 2018 to Offset Your Company's Tax Liability

What is Section 179?   The IRS allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of “Qualifying Equipment” (see below) and software that you purchased during the tax year. No matter if you purchase equipment outright, or finance or lease it, you can deduct the full purchase price from your reported gross income!   What is “Qualifying Equipment” per IRS code? Almost anything you would buy that is connected to technology that helps your business be productive. Equipment (machines, etc) purchased for business use Computers “Off-the-Shelf” Software Office Furniture Office Equipment Property attached to your building that is not a structural component of the building (i.e: a printing press, large manufacturing tools and equipment) Tangible personal property used in business Partial Business Use (equipment that is purchased for business use and personal use: generally, your deduction will be based on the percentage of time you use the equipment for business purposes) Business Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight in excess of 6,000 lbs Please keep in mind that to qualify for the Section 179 Deduction, the equipment must be purchased and put into service between January 1 and December 31 of the tax year you are claiming. For further details about deduction limits, […]

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Raymond Shadman2018-10-06

Dahua Video Doorbell Intercom Access System for Single-Family Home or Office

The Dahua Video Intercom for single-family homes or office suites is an economical and effective solution. Here are the available options for single-family or office suites: DHI-VTO2000A (IP54, wired IP, stainless steel) DHI-VTO2000A-2 (IP54, 2-wire, stainless steel) DHI-VTO2111D-WP (IP65, Wireless IP, plastic, built-in MiFare card reader) You would still need to connect the power supply for the wireless option. Flush-mount and surface-mount back-boxes are available for the wired solutions. The mobile apps (for iOS and Android) are compatible with the Villa Outdoor Stations; not with the Apartment Outdoor Stations. Mobile apps allow the tenant(s) to remotely unlock the door from anywhere with 3G/4G/Wi-Fi signal on their mobile device. The intercom will ring the indoor monitors and mobile apps simultaneously so that the first available user can address the caller and decide whether to grant access. The indoor monitors are not required, but they are ideal if a dedicated indoor monitor is desired in a common area such as a home’s kitchen or an office’s reception area. The current indoor monitor options are: DHI-VTH1550CH (IP monitor, 7 inch, white) DHI-VTH1550CHW-2 (2-wire monitor, 7 inch, white, ideal if running cable within the units is difficult) DHI-VTH5221D (wireless IP monitor, 7 inch, black, ideal if there is a solid […]

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Raymond Shadman2018-10-03