How to Setup Perimeter Protection Notifications on Dahua AI IP Cameras

Here are instructions for the Dahua AI human/vehicle detection IP cameras and NVRs to setup sending notifications in the Dahua app (iDMSS or gDMSS). The first screenshot was taken from the camera’s URL web setup menu, and the second from the mobile app.

Contact us at [email protected]¬†or at (877) DEALS-79 ext. 1 if you want us to remotely program your camera for you. Prices start at $49 if you purchased the camera from us or $99 if you purchased it elsewhere. We offer bulk quantity discounts on programming.

As of 2019-Q3, applicable Dahua USA model numbers include:

  • DH-IPC-HF8242FN-FR
  • DH-SDT5A225N-2F
  • DH-IPC-HDW8341XN-3D
  • N45EF63
  • N45EM63
  • N45DB7Z
  • N45DM62
  • N45DL7Z
  • DHI-IVSS7008-1T
  • DHI-IVSS7016DR-4T

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Raymond Shadman2019-10-10