Difference Between Original Dahua and Dahua-OEM Products?

Question from eBay customer RE: Dahua NVR4208-8P-4K-OEM: 

Dahua OEM 8-Channel 4K H.265 NVR: 8-port PoE, 12MP, 192Mbps, VGA/HDMI, 2x SATA

The photograph shows the Dahua emblem on the front of the NVR.

Will the items being shipped have this Dahua emblem and the Dahua model numbers and serial numbers on them?

Will Dahua permit me to download and update the firmware, if I choose?

Will the Dahua U.S.A. warranty and support apply?

Is the firmware in english?

Is the format PAL or NTSC?

Is it U.S. power compatible?


Our answer:


Thank you for submitting this question. Custom Video Security is an authorized Dahua dealer, and we work very closely with them.

This product is not from Dahua USA, but rather from an OEM provider. It carries a 3-year warranty. The Dahua logo is not going to be on this product. Original Dahua carries a 5-year warranty with access to Dahua tier-2 support, and does include the Dahua logo. Your first call for support should be to us, as we can usually resolve all issues without calling Dahua USA.

We have recently sold a number of NVRs and hundreds of IP cameras to the University of NE, and they have purchased both OEM and original products. Out of the 10 OEM NVRs and 8 Pro NVRs they purchased, only one OEM NVR was defective. Out of the hundreds of cameras they purchased, only 1 was defective. Just as I recommended to them, you should purchase Dahua OEM NVRs and a mixture of OEM and original IP cameras. The OEM NVRs work fine, and we can get you various firmware options, all of which are in English. Furthermore, the price point of the OEM NVR usually results in a substantial savings over the original NVR.

Here are part numbers and prices for Dahua USA NVRs with 5-year warranty:
DHI-NVR42A08-8P , (not 4K) MSRP $932, your price $364.95
DHI-NVR52A08-8P-4KS2 , MSRP $1146, your price $499.95

Dahua USA only ships from Southern CA. Our Dahua OEM warehouses are all over the USA, which reduces transit time.

We don’t list Dahua USA on eBay because we cannot list these prices to the public without violating our dealer agreement, or without looking grossly overpriced. This is why interested buyers would have to visit our website and login, or better yet call/email/chat to get pricing.

Custom Video Security only sells English-firmware, NTSC, with U.S. power plugs. We can accommodate requests for other firmware languages, PAL format, and international power plugs.

Feel free to reply if you have any additional questions.

Raymond Shadman

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Raymond Shadman2017-01-31