Intercom Security Camera Workaround for Access Control using Milestone XProtect

Option 1) Here is a PDF for an option that is similar to an Aiphone door intercom. Neither are compatible with Milestone XProtect, but I know Aiphone is the standard in the industry and carries a higher price tag. And the Comelit (Italian company, has an office in So Cal, good support) was recommended to me by a good installer. Their unit has an analog video output, which can connect to an encoder, which can then connect to Milestone XProtect. It has a relay built-in, which would connect to a door strike. The Comelit unit provides up to 1A of power for the door strike. The IP version of the Comelit cannot be used because it is not Onvif compliant.

Option 2) Use a camera with 2-way audio support and alarm I/Os, and ensure audio compatibility with Milestone XProtect Professional or higher in order to use Milestone events/outputs. In the XProtect SmartClient, you would create the I/O event, then drag in an Overlay Button so they can lock/unlock the door after seeing/talking to the person. (This would only be available on a Windows PC.) You could trigger the output from the Web Client or Milestone Mobile though if you want to use an Apple computer or tablet/smartphone. Web Client and Mobile do not support audio though, so it would be visual verification only in those clients. 

I like the LTS Platinum CMIP3142-28S. This would be used with the ETS STW1-SE-C5 stainless steel call box and SMA1-LPEA-C5 PoE IP Camera interface box. Here is a diagram of how it all ties in:

ETS SMA1-LPEA-C5 Application Diagram
ETS SMA1-LPEA-C5 Application Diagram
ETS SMA1-LPEA-C5 interface box.png
ETS SMA1-LPEA-C5 interface box.png

SMA1-LPEA-C5 interface box (shown above) with installation instructions here, to be installed within 6 ft of the camera using included patch cables (recommended under 25 ft if using own patch cables). There are 3 x RJ45 ports on the box: left, right, and bottom:

  • run cat5 unit to the bottom connector from the speaker/microphone unit.
  • run cat5 unit to the right connector from PoE switch.
  • run cat5 unit to the left connector from the camera.

There are two RCA connectors at the top, and the 6 ft custom patch cables provided by ETS. RCA or 3.5mm can be provided, depending on the audio connectors on the IP camera:

  • audio output on the interface box goes to the audio input on the mic. Should be a way to disable camera’s built-in microphone.
  • audio input on the interface box goes to the audio output on the camera

Green terminal in top left goes to door relay switch and door strike.

Cat5 STW1-SE-C5 stainless steel callbox

A call button is on the unit–> Customer uses push to talk function, will send a ping the video surveillance client operator(s). Each Milestone client to have speaker and microphone. This is not a full-duplex solution, meaning both people cannot talk at the same time.

The DS1 resettable door contact shunt timer can be used in conjunction with the door strike.

If interested in a quote, please send me photos of your door (inside, outside, latch) so that I can see about selecting a door strike for you. Unless you are going to do this yourself… 

By: Raymond Shadman

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Raymond Shadman2017-01-26