Milestone XProtect Express and Professional Retired: Free Upgrade to Express+ or Pro+

Milestone XProtect Software Upgrade Promotion
Upgrade to Express+ or Professional+ to keep your software current.










Milestone Systems is retiring XProtect Express and XProtect Professional in order “to increase focus on solutions primed for the future.” There will be a final release and final device pack in June 2019 for 2019-R2, after which both Express and Professional (E-code) solutions will be put into a five-year “Maintenance Mode.” The E-code products will be fully terminated in June 2024.

– Most new devices will still be compatible with ONVIF drivers.
– The E-Code products are available for new sale until June 2022 and for expansion until June 2024.
– The E-Code products remain safe and well-functioning. Customers will continue to get security patches and bug fixes during the maintenance period if Milestone detects a severe or catastrophic issue.
– Authorized Milestone dealers and Milestone Support will continue to provide technical support during the Maintenance Mode period.

Milestone is offering a FREE upgrade from E-Code (Express or Professional) to C-Code (Express+ or Professional+) if your SLC (software license code) has a valid Care Plus agreement. If not, then you can upgrade with the limited-time promotion of by purchasing 2 years Care Plus for your current software. This will entitle you to receive the Plus version of XProtect for free. Keep in mind once you have a valid Care Plus agreement, you would have to purchase a Care Plus license for each new device license.

Benefits of upgrading from E-Code to C-Code:
• Check out the Milestone Product Index and scroll down.
• The industry’s highest-performing recording server.
• Efficient media handling
• Easy installation and management
• Powerful investigation tools
• Exceptional IT security
• If activating a new Care Plus agreement, it will allow you three major benefits:
(1) Receive notifications when cameras or server(s) go offline, as well as other notifications including alarms.
(2) Keep software current. To see what features will be added by upgrading to a newer version, check out the Version Comparison Tool.
(3) Allows for full trade-in value to upgrade to a higher version of Milestone XProtect.

Things to keep in mind:
• C-code footage is not compatible with E-code. For existing footage, you don’t have to wipe it, but it won’t be as easy to retrieve the footage.
• Once you have an active Care Plus agreement, you would be adding that a Care Plus license to every new camera you purchase. (This cost can be mitigated by purchasing cameras in bulk before upgrading to C-code.)
• The entire installation would have to be re-created from scratch. The anticipated migration tool which allows you to save settings in E-code to C-code won’t be available until June 19th.

The new Migration Assistant Tool will assist in the migration by:
• replicating all devices in the current installation, so that they automatically appear in the new system.
• ensuring that all device names and configurations are transferred, eliminating the time and effort it usually takes to add and configure devices.
• moving over all existing users and their password information.
• reproducing existing Smart Client views, saving you the hassle of reproducing them in the new system.

Learn more here.

This limited-time promotion is known as the EtoC-Q2/Q3-2019 campaign and is valid until October 2019.

Contact one of our professional security consultants at 310-370-9500 or email [email protected] to discuss your particular situation and to determine if and when upgrading would be ideal for your organization. Ask us about our quarterly camera and recorder promotions, free camera design maps, server migration services, and VMS upgrade services so that you don’t have to do any programming.

Raymond Shadman2019-05-24