Rapid Review for Milestone XProtect

rapid review missing person search
Find a missing person.

Rapid REVIEW for Milestone XProtect was just released this month as part of Milestone’s Tech Refresh, and it is a fantastic low-cost addition to any newer Milestone XProtect camera system as it helps to find what you’re looking for quickly, even in high-traffic areas. In addition, there are several relevant tools available for business intelligence that will help streamline operations for security, marketing, HR, and more.

You can effectively search through hours or even days of video in a matter of seconds or minutes as has been proved over the years with BriefCam’s REVIEW module, which is generally unavailable to smaller organizations due to the high-cost barrier running in the tens of thousands of dollars. With Milestone’s Rapid REVIEW, you can achieve this functionality and more for just $180 per camera and a GPU server.

Other highly useful features include:

  • Finding a missing person quickly.
  • Contact tracing for COVID. Through Face Recognition, Appearance Similarity, and Proximity Identification filters, contact tracing can be conducted to notify at-risk individuals, and safety protocols can be initiated.
  • Facial recognition.
  • License plate recognition.
  • Face mask detection.
  • Line crossing.
  • Visual layers (heatmaps, dwell time, common paths, background changes). Heatmaps can also be used in retail environments for marketing higher-profit products on shelves where shoppers visit more often.
  • Filter tolerance.
  • Density & speed control.
  • Sort control.

Rapid REVIEW is only compatible with C-Code (Express+, Professional+, Expert, Corporate) versions of XProtect 2019-R3 and above. All XProtect Rapid REVIEW device licenses purchased before the end of April 2022 include the right to update to new versions of the product for 12 months after purchase.

Contact us to schedule a demo to view Rapid REVIEW or if you would like a quote for Rapid REVIEW and/or a GPU server. Please indicate how many hours across how many cameras you intend to use it so that we can properly spec your server. Examples of hardware requirements of small, large, and extra-large servers are as follows:

small GPU server hardware requirement

large and XL GPU server requirement

If you have a GPU server, here is a list of supported and certified GPUs that have been tested to work with BriefCam’s REVIEW:

supported and certified GPUs for BriefCam

If you don’t have or don’t want a GPU server, then we can discuss another option in a standalone camera that will give you similar functionality. Contact us at 310-370-9500 x1 for more information.

Raymond Shadman2021-12-06