UL-294 Certified Access Control Products: Why Buy Them?

Access Control products from Dahua or Hikvision may be attractive in terms of price or easy integration into same-branded camera recorders for video verification, but buyers should note that these brands do not carry UL-294 certification.

UL-294 products that go through the UL (Underwriters Labs)-testing process give the end-user confidence that the equipment works properly. Manufacturers that do not run the equipment through the testing process are afraid that the equipment will not pass the test.

Many city inspectors will have non UL-294 access control equipment removed when city codes are enforced. Furthermore, you can’t connect a non UL-294 access control system to a fire alarm system, which, in many buildings is required by fire code.

For a low-cost option on electronic access control, please consider using the ZKTeco brand.

Raymond Shadman2018-10-24

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