HD-SDI Cameras

HD-SDI (High-Definition Serial Digital Interface) cameras can transmit at 720P or 1080P resolution for uncompressed video over coaxial cable. This means you can easily upgrade your CCTV system to megapixel resolution by replacing your DVR and cameras, without the need for re-wiring. The HD-SDI technology in CCTV is called "HDcctv." 

Here are the main advantages over IP Network Cameras:

  • - No bandwidth issues.
  • - No pre-configuration of assigning IP information to individual cameras
  • - No latency. 
  • - Zero learning curve.  
  • - No brand compatibility issues: simply use your HD-SDI camera with an HD-SDI DVR.
  • - Several of our Eyeball SDI cameras include true WDR, which is usually a feature found in more more expensive cameras.
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