Multi-Format DVRs, XVRs

Hybrid/Tribrid/Quadbrid/Pentabrid/Hexabrid/ DVRs/XVRs Prior to 2010, the only formats for surveillance cameras were analog and IP. In order to record beyond D1 or 4CIF resolution, one had to choose an IP camera system instead of a CCTV system. Our best seller and flagship product around this time was the PC-based Hybrid NDVR using our HC1, HC2, and HC3 DVR cards. Shortly afterward, HD-SDI was introduced. HD-SDI allows cameras to be recorded at 720p HD or 1080p full HD resolution over high quality coaxial cables. This breakthrough allowed CCTV users to upgrade their existing systems by swapping their cameras and DVRs to HD-SDI, providing that they utilized high-quality coax or siamese cables. Very few pre-made coax or siamese cables can transmit HD-SDI signals. They must be spec'd for ...[Read More...]

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  1. EZHD-TRF4/1TB
  2. ED8216TEC
    $319.95 As Low as: As low as $304.95
  3. EZHD-TRF8/16TB
  4. XVR5116H-OEM
  5. EZHD-TVF32
  6. EZHD-TVL16
  7. LTD8508K-ST
  8. 32 channel HC2 Platinum Mini-DVR
    $2,399.95 As Low as: As low as $2,099.95
  9. LTD9224T-FA
  10. EZHD-TVL4

Items 1-12 of 148

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