Milestone Systems

Using Onvif DVRs as Encoders with Milestone XProtect You can now use a tribrid, quadbrid, pentabrid, hexabrid, XVR, and any other multi-format Onvif DVR as a multi-channel encoder with the ability to upgrade your cameras to HD or higher resolution. This is done by using: HD-TVI cameras with HD-TVI Onvif DVRs up to 4MP HD-CVI cameras with HD-CVI Onvif DVRs up to 8MP  Multiple-format cameras with XVRs (multiple-format recorders) ... over coax (or network cable), all for a fraction of the cost of the other IP encoders on the market by Vivotek, Axis, Hikvision, etc. And best of all, you would only require 1 Milestone license per encoder. Contact us for more information on a custom system, whether for a new location or utilizing your existing infrastructure to upgrade to HD at a ...[Learn More...]
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