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Milestone XProtect is arguably the best video management software (VMS) in the world, and we at eDigitalDeals are proud to be an authorized Milestone partner. Whether looking to upgrade to full IP system or hybrid DVR, Milestone XProtect is the ideal choice in video security for high-end homes and business owners who want nothing but the best, as well as for government buildings which require a scalable, user-friendly software platform. Purchase fully customized Milestone NVRs for any application including residential, commercial, and government use. Or purchase pre-configured Milestone Husky NVRs, which are about as plug-and-play as an IP system can get. XProtect Comparison Chart: Milestone XProtect has several versions, each of which is most easily divided by number of cameras and ...[Read More...]

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  1. Milestone XProtect 4U Rack Mount i7 Server
  2. Miletstone XProtect
  3. Milestone Husky NVR-HM507341N10010
  4. Milestone Husky M50, XProtect, rack-mount, 8x1TB HDD, 8 device licenses included, max 128 devices, 3yr
  5. Milestone Husky NVR-HM507381N10010
  6. Milestone Husky NVR-HM507282N10010
  7. Milestone Husky NVR-HM507382N10010
  8. Milestone Husky NVR-HM507281R10010
  9. Milestone Husky NVR-HM507381R10010
  10. Milestone Husky NVR-HM507283N10010
  11. Milestone Husky NVR-HM507282R10010
  12. Milestone Husky NVR-HM507381N10020

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