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Three years Care Plus for Milestone XProtect Express Base License (includes Care Plus for two camera licenses)

4x Buyer Protection

Three years SUP for Milestone XProtect Express Base License (includes SUP for two camera licenses).

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4x Buyer Protection $78.00

XProtect Express is easy and affordable video management software (VMS) for small, single-location companies requiring simplified methods of incorporating video capabilities into their existing business operations. It can manage up to 48 surveillance cameras and supports five concurrent users.


Businesses can integrate third-party applications, such as analytics and access control systems, directly into XProtect Express creating a solution with increased functionality and one common interface.  


XProtect Enterprise

XProtect Express capabilities

Easily deploy and maintain 

  • Automatic configuration wizards: A unique wizard sets up the system and removes time delays and challenges during initial XProtect Express deployment

  • Automatic camera discovery: Automatically detects and configures new cameras that are added to an existing system enabling users to quickly expand their installation

  • Software Upgrade Plan (SUP): One-year SUP included, ensures access to future software versions of XProtect Express and immediately take advantage of new technologies as they come to market

Quickly address incidents and create video evidence

  • Search evidence: With simple and efficient video search tools and multiple export options, users can quickly gather and share evidence when necessary

  • Remote control: Users can quickly address issues at all times with the ability to access video and respond to incidents from various locations using computers and mobile devices,

  • Share evidence: Easily share evidence exports, such as video or images via a media player, email and MMS

xprotect express

XProtect Express

Cost-effective retail solution

  • Support for XProtect® Retail: Link transaction data with corresponding video from relevant cameras and perform advanced search options and full video documentation to maintain a complete overview of store operations, cash registers/tills and employees

  • Support for XProtect® Transact: Quickly perform a text-only search and view video of specific transactions such as transactions involving gift cards, credit cards, coupons or returned merchandise

  • Flexible licensing: Users can efficiently expand their surveillance installation by purchasing XProtect Express licenses on a per-camera basis 



 This standard SUP item is for new system SUPs and renewals within grace period. For existing systems with no Software Upgrade Plan or an SUP which is expired beyond the 60-day grace period, please refer to the three years opt-in SUP.

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