2021 Commercial-Grade IP Security Camera Guide

2021 Commercial-Grade IP Security Camera Guide By Raymond Shadman Custom Video Security, President [email protected]   This post answers the most common questions on how to choose an IP security camera in 2021. For security camera brands, I prefer Dahua because (when purchased through Custom Video Security) they have a 5-year warranty, 1-year advance replacement, and direct technical support from the manufacturer. Camera style: The bullet is generally desired when viewing parallel to the wall. Some (but very few) are IK08-IK10 impact/vandal resistant. Bullets are also better for installation from poles and/or for viewing license plates. Domes have the best aesthetic look in my opinion. They generally are always vandal-resistant, unless they are indoor domes, which are usually made of plastic instead of metal. They are meant for viewing in front or not too far to the side of the wall. Unlike bullets, they cannot easily view parallel to the wall where it’s installed unless you add a wall-mount, in which case the dome would be pointing down instead of away from the building. If not using a wall-mount in an uncovered outdoor area, ensure waterproof installation using silicone, or use the right accessory to limit the chance of rain entering […]

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How to Setup Wireless Security Cameras with 2-Way Audio Communication

Dahua has a now free app (used to be paid) called gDMSS Plus (Android) or iDMSS Plus (iOS), both of which support 2-way audio communication. You could use wireless dome and bullet cameras for all of the cameras that don’t require audio. The fixed-lens cameras are typically available in 2.8mm or 3.6mm fixed lens options. For the cameras with audio, 2-way audio support would be required on the camera, and those are available in the Dahua N45 series as a motorized-lens WDR bullet or its dome counterpart, either of which would need to be wired, but you can use a wireless bridge to eliminate wiring from the PoE switch to the recorder. Wired cameras typically are much more feature-rich and will have better image quality over wireless cameras. You would connect a speaker and microphone to the camera with 2-way audio. Or you can opt for a speaker/microphone combo for easier installation. ETS makes a speaker/microphone combo, although it’s probably not the best aesthetic design. We have other options available depending on your desired finish, but the ETS runs around $129 with free shipping. You can use wired IP cameras as wireless if you add a Point-to-Point (P2P) wireless bridge and a PoE […]

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