Cameras Showing Offline in Milestone XProtect? Try Replacing Hardware with Existing Device

By Andrew Harvey, Technical Sales Engineer 310-370-9500 x1 [email protected]   This can help if for some reason the settings of the cameras get messed up in some way either through user error or Milestone misreading data from the camera. This process will also make sure it stays attached to its video database. This is one of the first things to do after making sure the camera itself is still on the network and the video/encoding settings are correct. The process I used to refresh the camera settings was using the “Replace Hardware” option. It’s done like this: In Milestone XProtect Management Client, right-click the camera which has issues and click “Go to Hardware.”             While highlighting that camera’s hardware profiles, click “Replace Hardware.”             Click “Next” and then the screen will show the camera info including IP address, Port, User name, Password, and Hardware Driver, it will almost certainly populate it with the correct password previously used, if the password was changed you input the new one here or change any of the other info if that was changed or it’s being read incorrectly.             […]

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Milestone XProtect Mobile Server Crashes

Milestone XProtect Mobile server crashing can be resolved by not limiting playback streams and un-checking levels 1, 2, and 3. This feature should only be enabled if you have a lot of clients logging in bogging down the bandwidth otherwise it should be left at default. Here is the link to ONVIF device manager, and the link to the manual. This is useful for batch configurations.   Billy Wang Technical Sales                                       Phone:         310.370.9500 x102 Direct:          310.876.1537 Fax:               310.876.1537 Skype:           live:billy_3055 Email:            [email protected] Web:       

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