How to Update Firmware on an LTS Platinum IP Camera

You can flash the firmware by going into the camera interface, you do this by typing the IP address into an internet explorer window on Windows or a Safari window on Mac. You can find the update firmware page most likely under the maintenance tab, although some cameras have it in different places.

You can get the firmware update here:

Go down to Product Firmware section and type in your camera model. Download the firmware update if it’s available.

You’ll use that update area in the camera interface to hit “browse” and choose the file from the location where it was saved and hit “update.” It will go through the update process and then restart the camera.

If it has the newest firmware already or this doesn’t resolve your issue, you can also do a factory reset within the maintenance tab, which will delete all settings on the camera, so you’ll have to re-add it and redo the date/time.


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Raymond Shadman2018-08-31