The Top Reasons to Buy Dahua Security Cameras, DVRs, NVRs in 2020

By Raymond Shadman, President

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The Top Reasons to Buy Dahua Security Cameras, DVRs, NVRs in 2020


  • 5-year warranty (when you buy from Custom Video Security or any other 4-star authorized dealer) on cameras, recorders, decoders, accessories, and transmission products. Hard Drives 3 years. Monitors 1 year.
  • 1-year advance replacement warranty when you buy from Custom Video Security. 
  • Direct tech support from Dahua to low-voltage installers and to the end-user.
  • Very wide product line including:
    • ePoE (converts coax lines to use IP cameras at the lowest cost in the industry; or triples the distance of IP without any need for repeaters/extenders).
    • Starlight cameras see color at nighttime with minimal ambient lighting. Video:
      • Identify skin color, hair color, clothing color, vehicle color, etc. So much more effective than traditional IR cameras.
      • The levels of Dahua’s starlight are attached. I recommend Starlight+ if you may require viewing in very dark or pitch-black scenes. Or Night Color if you don’t need or don’t want infrared.
      • Night Color cameras have no infrared, which means you can’t use them in pitch-black darkness, but they see at nighttime with minimal ambient lighting like it’s daytime. They have the highest nighttime performance of the Dahua product line. Video:
    • AI cameras detect humans and vehicles: no more false motion events from moving trees, shadows, animals, insects, rain, and snow! This is known as SMD (smart motion detection), and it is rated by IPVM as the best in the industry (better than Axis Perimeter Defender), and it is built-in to the camera (versus Axis Perimeter Defender at $260 per license in addition to the camera). Videos:, and
    • AI NVRs convert existing compatible IPCs (even from other brands, as long as they are compatible) to detect humans and vehicles.
      • Low-cost facial recognition using AI NVRs. Search by face. (Not to be confused with cheaper “facial detection.”)
    • HD-CVI (and other analog such as HD-TVI, AHD) up to 4K, even over coax!
    • IP up to 4K.
    • H.265, which saves approximately 60% over H.264.
    • Dual-sensor, multi-sensor, and fisheye cameras for numerous panoramic options.
    • Mobile/vehicle solutions in CVI and IP (ideal for delivery trucks, commercial buses, fleet services, etc.).
    • Numerous other products in their catalog.

The only reasons I would not use Dahua are if existing equipment is incompatible (we can help check and test this), or if the project is federally funded since Dahua is on the banned list of federally-used imported products from China.

Ask us for more information if you need it. We offer free camera design maps, professional consultations, wholesale pricing, and free shipping. We can get you special pricing if you have specific ongoing purchases for the same items, or if you have a single project valued at over $20k MSRP.

Contact us at 310-370-9500 x1 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your project or request a quote if your project requirements have already been defined. We will give you a free consultation and recommend the ideal equipment for your project while meeting your budgetary needs.

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