Access Control Hardware

Access control hardware includes everything from Ethernet-enabled, edge-based, PoE-enabled IP door controllers, and ready-to-install door kits — to fully-configured 128 door servers, and I/O panels. All infinias hardware is made in the USA with a 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support. Ask us today to help design your access control system.

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  1. ZKTeco US-C3-200-WBUN C3-200 Bundle with Metal Cabinet, Power Supply and Wireless kit: UL294 and CAN/ULC-S319 Certified
  2. ZKAccess TF1600 Weatherproof Standalone Fingerprint Card Reade
  3. ZKAcces US-C3-100-PRO BUN
  4. FR1500-Mifare
  5. ZKTeco US-INBIO-160 BUN Bundle: 2x INBIO-160 Cabinet with Power Supply, UL294 and CAN/ULC-S319 Certified
  6. ZKAccess EC10-BUN Elevator Control Panel
  7. US-inBio-260-PRO
  8. V350-M
  10. ZKAccess KR500E 26-bit Weigand-Only Reader
  11. VTO2000A-OEM
  12. ZKAccess TF1700 Weatherproof Standalone Fingerprint Card Reader

Items 1-12 of 127

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