HD-TVI License Plate Cameras

Use any of these CCTV cameras to capture the license plate on a vehicle as it enters or exits an area. Keep the following in mind when choosing an LPR (License Plate Recognition) camera:  - HD-TVI cameras cannot be used with analog DVRs with only standard BNC inputs. You must either have an HD-TVI DVR, or Hybrid or TriBrid HD-TVI DVR. - If the area is not well lit, you should choose an IR camera. If the camera does not have built-in IR illuminators, you should select a camera with ICR (true day/night) and use external IR illuminators. - If the objective is to capture a front license plate at night, you should enable HLM (head-light masking) mode from the camera's OSD or On-screen display.  - In daylight conditions, it is ideal to have WDR (wide dynamic range) to get a ...[Learn More...]
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