An intercom, also known as a telephone entry system, provides audio and sometimes video communication between two parties. One person is typically on the secured side, while the other person is calling from the non-secured side outside requesting access to be "buzzed in." The person requesting access usually does not have a key/card/fob to have permanent or temporary access through this door or gate. The person requesting access typically either presses a button on the intercom or scrolls through a menu of names and dials a code to ring the tenant's phone. The tenant typically receives calls on either a stationary indoor monitor and/or a mobile app. At that point, the tenant can grant access upon seeing the video and/or having a conversation with the audio. The most common ...[Read More...]

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  1. DHI-VTO2111D-WP
  2. DHI-VTNS1060A
  3. VTO2000A-K-OEM
  4. VTOB107-OEM
  5. VTNS1060A-OEM
  6. DHI-ASM100
  7. DHI-VTO2000A
  8. DHI-VTH1550CHW-2
  9. VTO2000A-C-OEM
  10. VTOB110
  11. VTOF002-OEM

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