Analog SD Cameras

CCTV Cameras (analog, SD for Standard Definition) are traditional analog security cameras with BNC connectors for video output. They connect to any type of DVR with BNC video inputs. CCTV Cameras are available with a variety of features such as high-resolution, wide dynamic range (WDR), adjustable varifocal lens, day/night, and more. There are also various styles, colors, and sizes including Dome, Bullet, Infrared, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), and Covert/Spy cameras.

eDigitalDeals recommends purchasing HD/SD cameras to better prepare for HD-DVRs. That way you can use the SD feature on your existing analog SD DVR, and then easily switch over to the camera's HD output/selector once you upgrade your DVR. HD-CVI cameras by Dahua are HD/SD-selectable, and so are our 4-in-1 hybrid cameras


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  1. Eyemax 2.1MP 1080P EX-SDI/HD-SDI Eyeball Turret Infrared Dome IR Camera: Gray, 2.8-12mm AVF, WDR, 12v DC, 3yr
    $169.95 As Low as: As low as $154.95
  2. Eyemax 2.1MP 1080P EX-SDI/HD-SDI/CVBS Speed Dome Vandal PTZ Camera: 30x Zoom, IP67, WDR, 12v DC/24v AC, Heater/Blower, Wall-Mount, 3yr
    $1,529.95 As Low as: As low as $1,514.95
  3. 2 Megapixel Covert HD Electrical Socket Camera/DVR
    $299.95 As Low as: As low as $269.95
  4. Hikvision Pro CCD Analog Camera: Outdoor PTZ, 700TVL, 36X Optical Zoom, Day/Night, Smart Tracking, IP66, Heater, 24VAC ,3yr
  5. uir-m2344v-b-a.jpg
  6. 2.1MP 1080P EX-SDI/HD-SDI/CVBS Indoor Infrared Dome IR Camera: White, 2.8-12mm, 12v DC, UTC
  7. Eyemax Storm 2.1MP 1080P EX-SDI/HD-SDI Vandal IR Dome Camera: 2.8-12mm AVF, DOL WDR, IP68, 12v DC/24v AC, RS485 OSD, 3yr
    $199.95 As Low as: As low as $184.95
  8. Color Complete Covert Video Camera Kit-CVK8
    $209.95 As Low as: As low as $199.95
  9. Hikvision Value PICADIS Analog Camera: Outdoor Bullet, 720TVL, PICADIS, 2.8mm, Day/Night, EXIR (40m), 12VDC ,3yr
  10. Eyemax 2MP 1080p IR Bullet EX-SDI Camera: 2.8-12mm, Auto-Iris, 30m Infrared, 12v DC, IP67, CVBS, 3yr
  11. 2.1MP 1080P EX-SDI/HD-SDI Infrared IR Bullet Camera: Gray, 3.6mm, IP66, 12v DC, 72-LED
    $99.95 As Low as: As low as $84.95
  12. LTS Platinum 2MP 1080p Matrix IR Turret HD-TVI Camera-LT-CMHT2722
    $64.95 As Low as: As low as $54.95

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