Analog/960H DVRs

Most analog-only DVRs are being discontinued as of 2015, and replaced with HD-TVI hybrid or HD-TVI Tribrid DVRs.

All our analog-only DVRs have the following features:

  • The ability to record in 4CIF/D1 resolution, or 960H, in up to 30 frames per second per channel (real-time).
  • User-friendly software interface.
  • Non-portable/covert DVRs have mobile apps for remote viewing on a mobile device.
  • Non-portable/covert DVRs have the ability for remote sub-stream (provides a lower bandwidth connection with a remote device).

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  1. 16-Channel 240fps at 1080P MAG-Lite HD-TVI/960H/Analog H264 Standalone DVR-MAG-LITE-TVI16
  2. 4 Channel HD-TVI/960H/Analog H264 Standalone DVR-MAG-LITE-TVI04
  3. 8 Channel HD-TVI/960H/Analog H264 Standalone DVR-MAG-LITE-TVI08
  4. 2 Megapixel Covert HD Electrical Socket Camera/DVR
    $299.95 As Low as: As low as $269.95
  5. 32 channel 960 fps 960H Real-Time Standalone DVR
    Out of stock
  6. Pen DVR: Black, Covert Video and Audio Recorder-1405-PEN-BLK
  8. XVR5104H-OEM
  9. HCVR7104H-4M-OEM
  10. HCVR7108H-4M-OEM
  11. XVR5116H-OEM
  12. HCVR7208AN-4M-OEM

Items 1-12 of 32

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