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ETS PM1-WPW Outdoor Microphone: Professional, Omni-Directional, Surface Mount, Weather-Proof

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The PM1-WPW is a professional grade, surface mount, weather proof, Electret, Omni-directional, transformer-less, balanced output, 12 to 48vdc phantom powered microphone for use with professional audio mixing consoles. It is the first of its kind in a series of fixed location Microphones for use in professional audio applications or for use with security system equipment capable of supporting 12 to 48Vdc phantom powered, balanced output, un-pre-amplified microphones.

The PM1- x is a high quality, 12 to 48VDC phantom powered, balanced output, un- pre-amplified microphone for use with professional audio consoles or security equipment with compatible microphone inputs .

PM1-x Microphone Placement.

Locate the PM1-x Microphone near the area of interest in the room to be monitored. If the entire room is to be monitored,locate the PM1-x in the middle of the room. Do not mount the microphone near air conditioning vents, light fixtures or electrical equipment. The PM1-x should be placed at least five feet away from the subject(s) to be monitored. The PM1-x is still useable in the range of 15-25 feet but is dependent on the level of background noise in the area. Experimentation in the environment will determine what distances work best. In outdoor applications, it is best to locate the microphone where it is not directly exposed to the elements to avoid accumulation of water, snow or ice. The PM1-WPW can withstand extreme weather but the collection tube may still become blocked as a result of direct exposure to precipitation.PM1-W and PM1-WPW have removable windscreens for cleaning purposes.

Cable Run

Run a 22 gauge, stranded, two conductor, shielded cable between the PM-1 microphone and the monitoring device or mixing console. Keep the cable run distance under 500 feet and away from AC power sources, light fixtures and electrical equipment. Connect the PM1- to a mixing console or other equipment as shown in the diagram below.


It may be against the law to install this microphone kit in certain environments. It may also be against the law to record conversations of the person(s) being monitored without their knowledge. It is the responsibility of the installation company and end-user to determine if the application of this product is legal. These laws vary from state to state. If you are not informed on these matters, consult a qualified attorney or contact the appropriate state agency. A sticker is pr
ovided with this kit for the applications where notification must be posted.


All ETS products carry a one year parts and labor warranty. Thiswarranty does not cover damages as a result of misuse, improper handling of the unit or exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture. At its discretion, ETS reserves the right to repair or replace this unit under the conditions of the warranty. If you experience prob
lems with your equipment call ETS at: 505-888-3923 to obtain a return authorization number. Equipment requiring repair beyond the warra
nty period or units that have been damaged or are not covered under the warranty can be repaired by ETS for a minimal cost under most conditions.
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  • Weather proof design
  • Electret microphone element
  • Omni-directional pickup pattern
  • 12V-48V Phantom power input
  • 10ma current consumption @ 48v
  • Mic level -60db output
  • 20-16Khz frequency response
  • Ultra low noise, balanced line driver
  • S/N ratio more than 60db
  • Sensitivity -45db
  • 3 position Euro-style connector
    makes cable termination fast
    and clean
  • Potted internal electronics.
    Ideal for high vibration and
    harsh environments
  • .5 inch removable windscreen.
  • Cast Aluminum plate
    on any flat surface or on
    a single gang “bell box”, gasket
  • Dimensions: L 4.6” W 2.8”
    H 2.3”



Ships within 1 business day.
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