Made in Taiwan, ACTi is a global market leader in IP network cameras. Please contact us for discounted pricing, even if it's just to purcahse one unit. Many times we cannot publicly advertise our discounted ACTi items due to manufacturer pricing agreements.

ACTi has four different levels of WDR, only Extreme WDR is "true" WDR. The other three are Gamma or "digital" WDR:  

WDR Levels ACTi Terms Quality Example Models Technology Details Image Processing
Bright Dark Pre Post
Extreme WDR SDR ★★★★ B and I Sensor + ISP – combines both sensor and ISP comparison Y Y Y Y
Superior WDR   ★★★ E24, E45, E85 Sensor – compares between bright and dark areas on the sensor Y Y Y N
Advanced WDR ExDR ★★ KCM-5611, KCM-3311, KCM-7311 ISP comparison – compares between frames and brightens the dark areas N Y Y Y
Basic WDR ExDR TCM-3511, E11, E21,E41 ISP gamma – increases brightness of the dark areas based on contrast N Y Y N


ACTi warranty details, as of 2016-Q1 are below. For extended warranty inquiries, please contact us.


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  1. ACTi D11
  2. E11A
  3. ACTi D51
  4. D12
  5. D21FA
  6. E12A
  7. D52
  8. D54
  9. E51
  10. D21VA

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