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ZKTeco SF1005-V+ SpeedFace+ Access Control Reader: 5-inch Touch-Screen, Temperature/Mask Screening, Facial/Palm/Fingerprint ID Recognition, T&A, Indoor, 3yr


SpeedFace+ is a series of high-performance face, palm, and fingerprint recognition readers that additionally detect if a person has an elevated skin temperature, is wearing a protective mask.

The SpeedFace+ embedded face & palm recognition sensor provides 100% touchless user authentication for various applications including Access Control, Time & Attendance, Visitor Management, Event Management & more. Fingerprint-reading capability is included on the SF1005-V+, but we advise against using fingerprints because to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and to maintain a more hygienic environment.

Custom Video Security's bonus offer:

The Time and Attendance (T&A) feature has a seamless payroll integration into any payroll company with an API, or it can use File Exchange if no API. This optional integration allows for employees who pass temperature/mask/ID screening to get clocked-in or out, and the data transfers to payroll automatically with no additional manual payroll entry required, thus saving HR managers potentially dozens of hours per month in the manual processing of payroll. With an average monthly cost of approximately $1.50 per employee per 100 employees, the payroll integration alone could pay for the device within just a couple months. Contact us if you are an end-user or installer interested in more details and to schedule a demo on how payroll integration can benefit your organization.

**The pictured SF1008+ and optional mount/stand are not included.

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- User authentication read range up to 8 feet
- Model SF1005-V+ Stores & matches up to 6000 face templates
- Face verification possible while wearing protective mask (Palm recognition advised while wearing mask)
- Model SF1005-V+ stores and matches up to 3,000 palm templates and 10,000 fingerprint templates
- Model SF1005-V+ additionally stores and matches up to 10,000 fingerprint templates
- Model SF1005-V+ has an 5-inch programmable touchscreen display
- Intelligent energy-saving design
- Dual-lens IR & VL camera recognizes faces in both total darkness and bright sunlight (<50,000 Lux)
- Body-temperature detection accurate up to 0.6 F from up to 18 inches away

Includes 12v Power Adapter, or use ZK's optional 12V-DC-POE-SPL PoE Splitter/Adapter, which is currently on back-order.

Paid options: Active Directory (AD) module (can update personnel records; not photos), Visitor Management module, Badging module (create custom templates), and mobile app. The mobile app is paid per mobile device. It is meant for the mobile management of personnel. You can enroll, manage, and assign users to access levels and upload them to the software directly. You can open doors, real-time monitoring, check reports, and open and close a door.

Tie it into the access control system. The required license is for ZKBioSecurity. The minimum license pack is for a 10-pack of doors, and each of these readers would be assigned to a door within the software.

The SF1005-V+ is not FDA-cleared or approved. The Solution should not be solely or primarily used to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19 or any other disease. Elevated body temperature should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods (e.g., an NCIT or clinical grade contact thermometer). Users, through their experience with the Solution in the particular environment of use, should determine the significance of any fever or elevated temperature based on the skin telethermographic temperature measurement. Visible thermal patterns are only intended for locating the points from which to extract the thermal measurement.

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